Dita Von Teese Maternity Lingerie Promo Photos
by Albert Sanchez, with hair by John Blaine

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Trans women (men to “women”) aren’t real women, and let me tell you why. If I were black, and I got plastic surgery to make my nose thinner, to make my black features look more European, if I bleached my skin white, and if I wore straight hair and straight wigs to hide my hair texture, does that make me white? NO. So a man transitioning to being a woman does not make him a woman. 

An X and an X = female

An X and a Y = male.

It all comes down to biology.


  • Meanwhile in multicultural Europe…

Norway: in the last year 94% of rape suspects overall were “non-Western-looking:”—6681203.html

Norway: all assault rapes last 5 years have been committed by non-Western immigrants:

Immigrants in Norway are a net loss to the economy:

Immigrants in Sweden are a net loss to the economy:

The Average Somali Immigrant Costs Norwegian Taxpayers More Than 1 Million Euros Each:

Denmark: In 2010, 51.5% of all convicted rapists had immigrant backgrounds:

These are disproportionate rates considering the demographics of the Scandinavian countries:
86.2% of Norway’s population is of Norwegian descent
79.9% of Sweden’s population is of Swedish descent
89.6% of Denmark’s population is of Danish descent


Darth Vader takes cupcakes to the dark side

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"Whenever I’m with other people, part of me shrinks a little. Only when I am alone can I fully enjoy my own company."

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I’m not “kissing” you, I am seeing if you are perfectly seasoned yet…

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Elsa Hosk for Marie Claire Italia September 2014